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Practical Insights for Busy Caregivers

Insights (Prior to October 31, 2016 Insights was known as "Spotlight on Caregiving")

Article Topic Date
What’s your family’s limit when it comes to caregiving? 11/26/2017
Worried that a friend or relative receiving care is socially isolated? There’s an app for that 11/06/2017
How care coordinators can help you plan for your relative’s discharge from hospital 10/14/2017
3 issues people struggle with after moving a spouse into long-term care 09/25/2017
Guilt-busting: Pushing back against unreasonable caregiving expectations, including your own 08/04/2017
2 reasons caregivers hesitate to ask friends and neighbours for help 07/17/2017
When to make decisions for a relative with dementia… and when not to 06/25/2017
Don’t get left behind: Getting comfortable with computers as an older caregiver 06/04/2017
When caring for someone in mental health distress, focus on the person’s abilities 05/12/2017
Health service providers can help family caregivers more easily than they may think 05/05/2017
When planning for a death at home, be prepared to ask tough questions 04/24/2017
How to respond to challenging behaviours when caring for someone with dementia 04/03/2017
2 quick relaxation techniques for caregivers 03/13/2017
Caregiving is tough for professionals too 02/27/2017
Perspective is important when caring for an adult daughter with a disability 02/20/2017
“I couldn’t do it anymore” - Reaching your limit as a caregiver 02/13/2017
When you’re not heard as a caregiver, persist! 02/06/2017
Insisting you need to be involved in your relative’s care plan can be intimidating 01/30/2017
Stay alert to signs of depression 01/23/2017
Beware what your body is saying when caring for someone with dementia 01/16/2017
How to make a complaint that gets heard 01/09/2017
Caregiving doesn't have to make family tensions worse 12/17/2016
How to survive the holidays as a caregiver 12/12/2016
Consenting to treatment: Don’t assume you can make decisions for a relative 12/05/2016
Surviving a relative's return home from hospital 11/28/2016
What to do if you suspect someone is being abused 11/21/2016
Tips for handling trips to the emergency department 11/14/2016
What to do when Mom can’t tell you what her doctor said 11/07/2016
What to do when Dad becomes confused during a hospital stay 10/31/2016
Waiting to see a specialist 10/24/2016
The difficult transition from partner to caregiver 10/17/2016
Understanding caregiving from both sides 10/11/2016
Temporary caregiving is a glimpse of the future 10/03/2016
How an online support group for caregivers works 09/26/2016
The caregiver as advocate 09/19/2016
Why autonomy matters – a personal reflection 09/12/2016
How to see past the negative when helping someone with dementia 09/06/2016
Why caregiving is hard and what really helps 08/29/2016
Coping with conflicting emotions 08/22/2016
Getting advice and support from other caregivers 08/15/2016
A sister caregiver speaks out 08/08/2016
A caregiver’s allies in the work/life tug-of-war 08/03/2016
Caregiver-led group offers advice 07/11/2016
Innovative support for rural caregivers 07/04/2016
Why caregiving is hard and what really helps 06/27/2016
Coping with grief: a free expert resource 06/20/2016
Coping with Conflicting Emotions 06/13/2016
How to see past the negative when helping someone with dementia 06/06/2016
Moves to support family caregivers in the United Kingdom 05/30/2016
Caring From a Distance 05/24/2016
Doing Things You Weren’t Trained To Do: A Caregiver’s Perspective 05/16/2016
Learning to look after yourself 05/09/2016
A Caregiver Speaks 05/02/2016
Changing the Narrative: How caregiving affects health 04/25/2016
Getting Advice and Support from Other Caregivers 04/18/2016
Stroke Recovery Program Offers Education and Support to Caregivers and Survivors 04/11/2016
When it’s time for a breather: respite care for children with special needs 04/04/2016
Canine Caregivers: The role of dogs in a support system 03/28/2016
A Sister Caregiver Speaks Out 03/21/2016
A Caregiver’s Allies in the Work/Life Tug-of-War 03/14/2016
Marriages Strained When Couples Become Patient and Caregiver 03/07/2016
Stroke Resources Website Connects Caregivers With Support Services in Ontario 02/29/2016
The Caregiver's Bill of Rights 02/22/2016
Learning to Live with Heart Failure 02/16/2016
Dementia Friends – Raising Awareness and Offering Support 02/08/2016
Community support services make a crucial difference 02/01/2016
Letting Go After a Lifetime Together 01/25/2016
First-hand insights into what it’s like to live with a medical condition 01/19/2016
Supporting Employees Who Are Juggling Caregiving Responsibilities 01/12/2016
What We Covered in 2015 01/05/2016
Coping with Grief over the Holidays: Some Tips from an Expert 12/21/2015
Caregiver Exchange's Holiday Gift Guide 12/15/2015
The Caring Experience Project: Maciej Karpinski’s Story 12/07/2015
The Caring Experience Project: Donna's Story 11/30/2015
Every Voice Matters: Dec 3 is International Day of Persons with Disabilities 11/23/2015
CBC journalist hosting Nov 24 "Open Lines" caregiving forum 11/19/2015
More and More Caregivers Feeling the Strains of “Duty Creep” 11/17/2015
National Senior Safety Week: How to Prevent Falls 11/10/2015
Apps for Aphasia: Re-learning Speech & Re-gaining Confidence 11/03/2015
World Stroke Day: Resources for Caregivers in Ontario 10/27/2015
Canadian Patient Safety Week Coming Soon! 10/20/2015
Living a Healthy Life Workshop: Learning how to Self-Manage Chronic Conditions 10/13/2015
October is Health Literacy Month! 10/06/2015
Waterloo Wellington Celebrates Local Caregivers at Annual Heroes in the Home Award 09/29/2015
Family Respite Services (FRS) and RespiteServices.Com: Supporting Families with Special Needs Children 09/22/2015
The New Horizons for Seniors Program: Empowering Seniors (and Senior Caregivers) to Get Involved 09/15/2015
Josephine's Story 09/08/2015
A Caregiver’s Journey: Tips for Preparing for Respite Care 09/01/2015
A Caregiver’s Journey: Preparing for Respite Care 08/25/2015
Have Your Say on End-of-Life Options 08/18/2015
Weekly Roundup - From starting out to life after caregiving 08/14/2015
Elder 411 and Elder 911 – Apps That Put Information at your Fingertips 08/11/2015
Weekly Roundup - Relationships and coping tips 08/07/2015
Movies about caregiving 08/04/2015
Weekly Roundup - Fighting the good fight 07/31/2015
New Program Helps You “Bounce Back” From the Blues 07/28/2015
Weekly Roundup - Tips for mental health and work-life balance 07/24/2015
It Takes a Village: With Community Support, a Special Club Thrives 07/21/2015
Weekly Roundup - Need a smile or a laugh? 07/17/2015
The Power of Care Coordination - Advisor, Advocate, Coach 07/14/2015
Weekly Roundup - First-time feelings and long-term support 07/10/2015
Weekend Stay Programs 07/07/2015
Weekly Roundup - Something for everyone 07/03/2015
Cogniciti: New Online Memory Test a “Thermometer for the Mind” 06/30/2015
Weekly Roundup - Breathe, stretch, sing! 06/26/2015
Acclaim Health: Supporting Caregivers in Halton 06/22/2015
Weekly Roundup - Here's to the Dads 06/19/2015
"Care" - An Honest Look at Caregiving 06/16/2015
Weekly Roundup - Stretch, breathe, ask for help 06/12/2015
Government Commits to Expanding Supports for Caregivers 06/09/2015
Weekly Roundup - You've got this. 06/05/2015
Learning to cope with Parkinson’s 06/02/2015
Weekly Roundup - You'll Be Okay 05/29/2015
A Family Full of Heroes 05/25/2015
Weekly Roundup - Have your List of Three ready! 05/22/2015
CHATS — Advocating for Seniors and Caregivers in York Region and South Simcoe 05/19/2015
Weekly Roundup - What are your skills? 05/15/2015
How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who’s Sick 05/12/2015
Weekly Roundup - Get your mind right! 05/08/2015
Memory Clinics Support Caregivers, Too 05/05/2015
Weekly Roundup - Safety, support and anasognosia! 05/01/2015
Helping Caregivers in Thunder Bay 04/28/2015
Weekly Roundup - Truths, Tips and Tangos 04/24/2015
Small Moves, Big Impact 04/20/2015
Weekly Roundup - Planning and personalizing care 04/17/2015
Moving Caregivers Out of the Shadows and into the Circle 04/14/2015
Weekly Roundup - "Mind Reading" and more! 04/09/2015
National Family Caregiver Day 04/06/2015
Personalized Video Introduces Patient to Caregivers 03/31/2015
Weekly Roundup - Ideas, Information and Inspiration 03/26/2015
It’s Spring! And You Know What That Means… 03/23/2015
Weekly Roundup - Ideas, Information and Inspiration 03/19/2015
Friendly Visiting Program Can Help Caregivers, Too 03/16/2015
Weekly Roundup - Recommendations and reminders 03/12/2015
Nominate Your Caregiving Hero Today 03/10/2015
Weekly Roundup - Spring forward! 03/06/2015
Retirement 101 for Caregivers 03/03/2015
Weekly Roundup - You're the boss! 02/27/2015
The Power of Acceptance: Holly’s Story 02/23/2015
Weekly Roundup: Caregivers of all ages 02/20/2015
Taking a “Compassionate Care” Leave 02/17/2015
Weekly Roundup - Helping yourself, helping others 02/13/2015
Surviving Winter: Caregivers and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) 02/10/2015
Weekly Roundup - Information and Inspiration 02/06/2015
Top 10 Caregiver Tips 02/03/2015
Weekly Roundup - Manage your time, manage your life 01/30/2015
Robo-solutions for Caregivers 01/26/2015
Weekly Roundup - Exciting ideas 01/23/2015
Alive Inside: The Story of Music and Memory 01/20/2015
Weekly Roundup - Alzheimer's Awareness Month 01/16/2015
Finding Your Way 01/13/2015
Caregiver Tip: Reach out 01/09/2015
Caregiver Tip: Investigate 01/09/2015
Caregiver Tip: Make Your Home Safe 01/09/2015
Caregiver Tip: Time Is On Your Side 01/09/2015
Caregiver Tip: Keep Lists 01/09/2015
Caregiver Tip: Be Organized 01/09/2015
Caregiver Tip: Be Prepared 01/09/2015
Weekly Roundup - New Perspectives 01/09/2015
CareZone: An App for Family Caregivers 01/05/2015
Caregiver Tip: Keep everyone in the loop 01/01/2015
A Caregiver’s To-Do List for 2015 12/30/2014
Weekly Roundup - You did it! 12/24/2014
A Stress-Busting Caregiver Tip! 12/22/2014
Weekly Roundup - Heigh ho, heigh ho... 12/19/2014
Holiday Gift Guide 12/16/2014
Weekly Roundup - 'Tis the season... 12/12/2014
A Money-Saving Caregiver Tip! 12/09/2014
Weekly Roundup - Man and Machine 12/05/2014
Recovering from Stroke: A Caregiver’s Journey 12/02/2014
Weekly Roundup - Caring for seniors and each other! 11/28/2014
Caregiver Tips: What Works for You? 11/25/2014
Weekly Roundup - Innovation and Invisibility 11/21/2014
Cold weather safety tips for caregivers 11/18/2014
Weekly Roundup - Long-distance caring or moving in together? 11/14/2014
Celebrating Everyday Heroes 11/11/2014
Weekly Roundup - Finding support & avoiding burnout 11/07/2014
Grey Bruce Caregivers Recognized as Heroes in the Home 11/04/2014
Weekly Roundup - Caring for kids, caring for parents, and Alzheimer's news 10/31/2014
Making Hallowe’en a Treat for Kids with Special Needs 10/28/2014
Weekly Roundup - Fancy book learnin'! 10/24/2014
Respite for a Caregiver: Dee’s Story 10/21/2014
Weekly Roundup - They're rich, famous...and caregivers 10/17/2014
Creating Alternate Realities for Patients with Dementia 10/14/2014
Weekly Roundup - Giving thanks for caregivers and good mental health 10/10/2014
Room 217 - Caring for the whole person with music 10/06/2014
Weekly Roundup - Learning how to cope with the tough stuff 10/03/2014
The Power of Attorney Project 09/26/2014
Weekly Roundup - De-cluttering, caring for a parent, and more! 09/26/2014
Living with an Episodic Disability 09/23/2014
Weekly Roundup - Tips for navigating financial and social pitfalls 09/18/2014
A heroic narrative for death 09/16/2014
Weekly Roundup - Tips from people who've been there 09/12/2014
A conversation with Dr. Samir Sinha 09/10/2014
Weekly Roundup - Start the weekend off right! 09/04/2014
Heroes in the Home Event Comes to Central Toronto 09/02/2014
Weekly Roundup - Caregiver stories, and tips that can help 08/29/2014
Get Your Body (and Mind) Moving with the Physical Activity and Alzheimer’s Disease Toolkit 08/26/2014
Weekly Roundup - Different Approaches 08/21/2014
Focus on Caregivers in CMA Report 08/21/2014
Canadian Caregiver Coalition Speaks for Those Too Busy to Speak for Themselves 08/19/2014
Promenade - a walk down memory lane together 08/08/2014
Weekly Roundup - A breakthrough, a tough break, and a change in perspective 08/08/2014
LHINs Provide Care for Caregivers, Too 08/06/2014
Weekly Roundup - Helping you help yourselves! 07/31/2014
Part two of our interview with Nell Lake, author of The Caregivers: A Support Group’s Stories of Slow Loss, Courage, and Love 07/29/2014
Weekly Roundup - Stay home and stay cool 07/25/2014
Interview with Nell Lake, author of The Caregivers: A Support Group’s Stories of Slow Loss, Courage, and Love 07/22/2014
Weekly Roundup - Laugh a little and learn a lot 07/18/2014
Exploring the Legal Challenges of Caregiving 07/15/2014
Weekly Roundup - Keep safe and keep moving! 07/11/2014
Celebrating Heroes in the Home 07/08/2014
Weekly Roundup - Alzheimer's caregiving, a Caregiver Corps, and more! 07/04/2014
Young Carers Need Support Too 06/27/2014
Weekly Roundup - His brother's keeper, Casey Kasem's caregiving legacy and more... 06/27/2014
Billy Connolly’s Big Send Off: An Intimate Look at Death 06/24/2014
Weekly Roundup - De-stress, listen to others' stories, and take care of your own life 06/20/2014
A Guide to Balancing Work and Caregiving Obligations 06/16/2014
Weekly Roundup - Lessons learned, finding balance, and more! 06/13/2014
Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant? 06/11/2014
Weekly Roundup 06/06/2014
Creating a Dementia-Friendly Toronto 06/03/2014
Weekly Roundup 05/30/2014
North East LHIN Introduces Heroes in the Home 05/27/2014
Weekly Roundup 05/23/2014
Ontario's new caregiving resource 05/16/2014
Weekly Roundup 05/16/2014
A caregiving love story 05/13/2014
Weekly Roundup 05/08/2014
I don’t want to be a burden but . . . 05/07/2014
Weekly Roundup 05/02/2014
Therapy dogs bring love and affection wherever they go 05/01/2014
Weekly Roundup 04/25/2014
Death Cafés popping up across Ontario 04/22/2014
10 signs of caregiver stress 04/15/2014
Friday Roundup 04/11/2014
"Don't Forget Theatre Company" helps older adults stay creative 04/08/2014
Friday Roundup 04/04/2014
A chance for seniors to share stories 04/02/2014
Friday Roundup 03/28/2014
Using technology to preserve caregiving memories 03/26/2014
Friday Roundup 03/21/2014
Delivering groceries right to your door 03/18/2014
Friday Roundup 03/14/2014
Nutrition and exercise for older adults 03/11/2014
Friday Roundup 03/07/2014
Helpful free apps for caregivers 03/03/2014
Friday Roundup 02/28/2014
Taking care of your mental health 02/24/2014
Friday Roundup 02/21/2014
Tools to help improve brain health 02/18/2014
Friday Roundup 02/14/2014
A dream come true for St. Joseph’s Hospice 02/11/2014
Friday Roundup 02/07/2014
Tips for staying heart healthy 02/04/2014
Friday Roundup 01/31/2014
Communicating with Alzheimer's patients 01/27/2014
Friday Roundup 01/24/2014
New St. Joseph's Hospice home opens 01/21/2014
Friday Roundup 01/17/2014
Tax credits for caregivers 01/14/2014
Friday Roundup 01/10/2014
Cold weather safety tips for caregivers 01/07/2014
Happy New Year from 12/31/2013
Holiday gift ideas for caregivers: Part 2 12/23/2013
Friday Roundup 12/20/2013
How to organize a Share the Care™ group 12/17/2013
Friday Roundup 12/13/2013
Holiday gift ideas for caregivers: Part 1 12/10/2013
Friday Roundup 12/06/2013
Tips for being an effective caregiver: Part 2 12/02/2013
Friday Roundup 11/29/2013
Tips for being an effective caregiver: Part 1 11/26/2013
Friday Roundup 11/22/2013
Caregivers in the South West honoured as Heroes in the Home 11/19/2013
Friday Roundup 11/15/2013
Compassion Fatigue and its effects on caregivers 11/12/2013
Friday Roundup 11/08/2013
Speaking up about organ donation 11/05/2013
Friday Roundup 11/01/2013
Caregivers recognized at Stratford Heroes in the Home event 10/29/2013
Friday Roundup 10/25/2013
A taste of home at The Ronald McDonald House 10/21/2013
Friday Roundup 10/18/2013
Heroes in the Home honoured in Grey Bruce 10/15/2013
Friday Roundup 10/11/2013
Caregiver's Guide for Canadians 10/08/2013
Friday Roundup 10/04/2013
National Seniors Day 10/01/2013
Friday Roundup 09/27/2013
Saving money with the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP) 09/24/2013
Friday Roundup 09/20/2013
Improving mental health among older adults 09/17/2013
Friday Roundup 09/13/2013
Helping older adults keep active and fit 09/10/2013
Friday Roundup 09/06/2013
Meals on Wheels helps get seniors from Point A to Point B 09/04/2013
Judith Thompson's newest play The Thrill questions a "life worth living" 08/26/2013
Friday Roundup 08/23/2013
Can Tweet chats improve health literacy? 08/20/2013
Friday Roundup 08/16/2013
Oxford county's only residential hospice: Sakura House 08/12/2013
Friday Roundup 08/09/2013
Delivering hope, independence and friendship with Meals on Wheels 08/06/2013
Friday Roundup 08/02/2013
Telephone support for caregivers and seniors 07/29/2013
Friday Roundup 07/26/2013
A world of library resources at your fingertips 07/22/2013
Friday Roundup 07/19/2013
Compassion and caring at Serenity House Hospice 07/17/2013
Friday Roundup 07/12/2013
The library delivered to your door 07/09/2013
Friday Roundup 07/05/2013
Feels like home at Sakura House Hospice 07/01/2013
Friday Roundup 06/28/2013
Facebook and Twitter for caregivers 06/24/2013
Friday Roundup 06/21/2013
Finding peace at Serenity House Hospice 06/18/2013
Friday Roundup 06/14/2013
Online forums for caregivers 06/11/2013
Friday Roundup 06/07/2013
Celebrate Seniors' Month in Ontario 06/04/2013
Friday Roundup 05/31/2013
Respite for caregivers at St Joseph's Hospice 05/28/2013
Friday Roundup 05/24/2013
When was the last time you had your photo taken? 05/20/2013
Friday Roundup 05/17/2013
Find support online with CancerChatCanada 05/14/2013
Friday Roundup 05/10/2013
The Savvy Senior Show 05/07/2013
Friday Roundup 05/03/2013
Coping with the loss of a loved one 04/30/2013
Friday Roundup 04/26/2013
Physiotherapy beneficial for seniors with mobility issues 04/23/2013
Friday Roundup 04/19/2013
Friday Roundup 04/12/2013
Friday Roundup 04/05/2013
Bust a Move for breast health 04/03/2013
Struggling with grocery shopping 03/27/2013
Friday Roundup 03/22/2013
Find a work-life-caregiving balance 03/20/2013
Friday Roundup 03/15/2013
Tech-savvy seniors embracing new ways to connect 03/13/2013
Friday Roundup 03/07/2013
Finding the words 03/06/2013
Friday Roundup 03/01/2013
Pathways to Wellness helps caregivers to cope 02/27/2013
Friday Roundup 02/22/2013
Violin found for a veteran at Parkwood Hospital 02/20/2013
Friday Roundup 02/15/2013
A Couple's Last Journey Together 02/12/2013
Friday Roundup 02/08/2013
Waverley Retirement Residence keeps active with YouTube 02/06/2013
Friday Roundup 02/01/2013
Dementia and the risk of elder abuse 01/30/2013
Friday Roundup 01/25/2013
Providing better care for seniors in Ontario 01/23/2013
Friday Roundup 01/18/2013
Community Agency Care Fair supports community caregivers 01/16/2013
Friday Roundup 01/11/2013
Soup's On in Stratford for Alzheimer's Awareness Month 01/08/2013
Friday Roundup 01/04/2013
Celebrating Heroes in the Home: Miriam Barry 12/31/2012
Caregiving during the holidays: Tips and Resources 12/24/2012
"Be a Santa to a Senior" program gives holiday cheer to local seniors 12/18/2012
Share The Care™ in the South West 12/12/2012
Celebrating outstanding care with Heroes in the Home 12/04/2012