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Practical Insights for Busy Caregivers

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  • 2 quick relaxation techniques for caregivers - Negative stress can cause increased health problems, disrupted relationships, burnout, and depression among caregivers. It can also decrease the quality of the care you’re providing. In other words, if you want your loved one to get the best possible care, you must manage your own stress.
  • Stay alert to signs of depression - Depression is common in older adults, but many of the signs mimic or overlap features of dementia. Janine Clift, a geriatric emergency nurse at London Health Science Centre, offers advice on what to look for.
  • Beware what your body is saying when caring for someone with dementia - Montrealer Lorrie Beauchamp has been caring for her parents, both of whom have dementia, for the past two years. The emotional toll is sometimes staggering, but she has learned several valuable lessons. The most important is that her parents read her body language and respond to it.
  • Surviving a relative's return home from hospital - A close relative is in hospital. As discharge nears, it becomes clear that a lot of care tasks will fall to you once the person returns home. You’re not sure you’re ready. LHIN care coordinator Kristina McLaughlin offers advice.